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EDLD 5364 Week 3 - UDL Lesson Plan

Lesson Overview
The Explorations of Rene Robert Cavalier de la Salle
Tony Dodson
Social Studies - Texas History
Grade Level:
1 days, 60 minutes
Subject Area:
Early Explorers of Texas
Unit Description:
The Early Explorers of Texas unit will be presented in such a manner that my students will comprehend the
real life struggles that both the native Americans and explorers faced on a daily basis. This will be achieved
via both auditory and visual methods using analog and digitized strategies. My students will have the opportunity to choose several avenues of learning based on their individual academic strengths and proclivities. There will be a pre-unit assessment of their existing notions and knowledge which will be contrasted at the end of the unit with gained knowledge.
Lesson Description for the Day:
The students will grow to understand Rene Robert Cavalier de la Salle's contribution and impact upon the
founding of our country and to Texas. This will be accomplished using small group and half class
State Standards:
TEKS 113.6.b.2.B / SS 4.2.B The student identifies the accomplishments of significant explorers such as Cabeza de Vaca; Christopher Columbus; Francisco Coronado; René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle and explain their impact on the settlement of Texas.
A: The student understands the causes and effects of European exploration and colonization of Texas and North America.
B: Summarize motivations for European exploration and settlement of Texas, including economic opportunity, competition, and the desire for expansion.
C: Identify the accomplishments and explain the impact of significant explorers, including Cabeza de Vaca; Francisco Coronado; and René Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle, on the settlement of Texas.

Unit Goals:
The students will learn that the New World's western land areas have become increasingly valuable. The
students will learn of the strategies used by the early explorers to accomplish their goals.

Social Studies 113.6 (11A), identify the economic motivations for European exploration and
settlement in Texas

Social Studies 113.6 (23D) create written and visual material such as journal entries

Social Studies 113.6 (2A), summarize reasons for European exploration and settlement of Texas
and the Western Hemisphere
Lesson Goals:
The students will gain knowledge of La Salle's motivation to explore this area and summarize the major events and causes that led to his eventual death.

The students will use both printed and digital methods of research while having the opportunity to accomplish their research individually or within a small group of three. (variability)

Anticipatory Set:
(recognition network) As the class begin, the students will document five things they believe about the
early explorers and five things they believe about the native Americans. These two lists will be saved
for later use during the lesson.

Students will be given the opportunity to either write the list with pencil and paper or to use a computer to print the list.
Introduce and Model New Knowledge:
(strategic network) The students will be shown a short video providing the background of La Salle and the
basic facts for his explorations of Texas.

The teacher will provide a written fact sheet for the students to read verbally and to discuss informally the information.

The students will then be instructed to write a journal in one of four areas. The choices will include the following.

• French settlers of Fort St. Louis,

• French explorers accompanying La Salle on his journeys,

• Karankawas whose land was taken when Fort St. Louis was built, or

• Spanish explorers who discovered the remnants of Fort St. Louis
Provide Guided Practice:
(affective network) There will be an informal classroom discussion regarding the major events of La Salle's time in Texas. The students will be asked to create a visual picture of the interactions between the various groups involved. The students will be asked to offer what they believe their own personal reactions would have been.
Provide Independent Practice:
Students will be allotted an appropriate amount of time to use their research notes and to visit the websites associated with the project.

Students will then be asked to create an illustration that depicts a major aspect of their journal. The students will then asked to display and comment on their illustration.

Formative/Ongoing Assessment
The lesson's Formative/Ongoing assessment will include their original list of ten beliefs that will be challenged by the teacher and the peers of the student.
Summative/End of Lesson Assessment:
The summative assessment will be the French Settlement in Texas quiz.

This ten question quiz would be administered during the last portion of the class.

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